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Description of distribution plants

General Description

A gas distribution plant is generally made up of:

  • one or more interconnections with the national or regional network of transmission pipelines used to supply the distribution network. At these points (M&R stations) the delivery, filtering, preheating before pressure reduction, pressure regulation, measurement and odorization of gas take place;
  • the gas distribution network operates at different pressures (generally less than or equal to 5 bar), on which intermediate pressure reduction stations and final reduction stations are installed;
  • distribution lines for the delivery of gas to end users, where the gas is measured using suitable measurement groups.

The reference standards for construction and operation are:

  • Ministerial Decree 16/04/2008 "Technical rules for the design, construction, testing, operation and monitoring of works and distribution plants and direct lines of natural gas with a density not exceeding 0.8";
  • UNI-CIG 9167 and UNI-CIG 9571 design/construction and operation/maintenance of Metering & Regulation Stations;
  • UNI-CIG 8827-10390-10619 and UNI-CIG 10702 design/construction and operation/maintenance of Pressure Reduction Stations;
  • UNI-CIG 9165 design/construction/testing of Gas Distribution Networks;
  • UNI-CIG 9860 design/construction/testing of Distribution Lines;
  • UNI-CIG 9036 installation requirements for Metering Units.

In accordance with Article 4 of Resolution 138/04 as subsequently amended of the Regulatory Authority for Energy, Networks and the Environment, the list of distribution plants managed by the distribution companies of the 2i Rete Gas Group is shown below, with indication of the municipality served and the identification codes of the “physical” and “logical” (M&R pool) delivery points assigned by the transport company.

List of plants managed by 2i Rete Gas S.p.A.

List of plants managed by Cilento Reti Gas S.r.l.

Any interested parties who are entitled to request more detailed information (pursuant to Article 4, Paragraph 4.2) may contact:

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