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Established for 15 years, with the experience of 90

About us

We have become the second-largest operator in the nation’s gas distribution sector in just 15 years

Our key figures


thousand km of network managed

billion m3 of distributed gas

million users


We are dedicated to driving the energy transition

We provide a public utility service and are committed to contributing to the energy transition and to decarbonisation through the digitisation of networks and the distribution of green gas 

We invest over 300 million euro every year for a more sustainable future.

Profile and history


In just 15 years, we have built a Group founded on over 90 years of experience. We have achieved significant growth since 2009, becoming the second-largest gas distribution operator in Italy.


The milestones in our history


2.2 million Redelivery Points

F2i and Ardian acquire 80% of the current 2i Gas Network from the Enel group


3.8 million Redelivery Points

Acquisition of G6 Rete Gas S.p.A. and E.ON Rete Gas S.p.A.


3.8 million Redelivery Points

Completion of the integration of the companies acquired over the years


4.4 million Redelivery Points

Acquisition of Nedgia S.p.A., Gas Natural Italia S.p.A. and Compagnia Generale Metanodotti S.r.l.


4.4 million Redelivery Points

Acquisition of Montelungo Gas S.r.l., Maierà Gas S.r.l., Cometam Gas S.r.l. and Powergas Distribuzione S.p.A.


4.5 million Redelivery Points

Acquisition and integration of Infrastrutture Distribuzione Gas S.p.A.

Award of ATEM tender "Naples 1-City of Naples and Coastal Plant"


4.9 million Redelivery Points

Launch of the management of the gas distribution service in the ATEM "Naples 1 - City of Naples and Coastal Plant"

Mission and values

We are a solid, reliable, and responsible Group, guided by a set of core values that define our identity and drive our strategic and operational choices.

Our Mission

Valvola del gas

Our mission is to manage, develop, and enhance gas distribution networks and infrastructure, with the aim for continuous improvement and operational excellence, and to pursue technological innovation for a new energy model that reduces environmental impact and continues to efficiently meet the Country energy needs.

Our values

Both in our strategic decisions and daily operations, we ground and cultivate our identity on the following values:
Collaboration and sharing

Know-how and Excellence

Innovation and change

Responsability and respect

These values guide our conduct towards all stakeholders, both internal and external, and are important to maintain our reputation as a solid, reliable, and responsible Group.

Other Group Companies

2i Rete Gas S.p.A. subsidiaries:

Cilento Reti Gas S.r.l.

is another Group company operating in the gas distribution sector. It is involved in the completion of the distribution systems under construction in the area territory of Campania with the same name. 

2i Rete Dati S.r.l.

is the Group company that operates within the telecommunications sector, overseeing the installation and operation of the vital connectivity infrastructure. 

2i Servizi Energetici S.r.l.

is the Group’s ESCo that develops and markets energy efficiency initiatives.

Corporate governance system

We have established a corporate governance system to safeguard Stakeholders’ interests and ensure Shareholder protection.

Measures and rules

We have adopted an organisational structure and guidance tools to promote responsible management of our activities and the adoption of virtuous conduct, in compliance with the provisions of the law.